Friday, August 3, 2012

Pancake Bay - 1

 ~ Pancake Bay ~
This wide, sheltered, sandy bay on Lake Superior's east shore offers a respite for weary travellers. From a viewing platform you can see the lake and the spot where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a fierce November gale in 1975. Voyageurs used to stop here, with just enough flour left to make pancakes before restocking supplies in nearby Sault Ste. Marie. Source

Beautiful view

Beautiful beach

More beautiful view

At The Canadian Carver Store

So creative


A.B fall in love with the black bear

Sit back, have a coffee and watch our kids be free to enjoy the marshmallow.

Oh, I miss camping!

Yummy marshmallow

I knew this will happen! LOL

To Be Continue...

Thanks For Stopping By!



wenn said...

I must go Canada one day and meet up with you. :)

CathJ said...

Nah.. Ada org mau meet.. :p

Miss camping too... Might plan a camp activity around our own garden hihihi.....sny pya idea, haha

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