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Soaps from the Hive - Review & Giveaway - Ends April 20/12

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Check out my Natural Remedies page and you will instantly understand why I have a long love affair with honey. For me, honey is everything. If there is no honey in the house, panic sets in.
I've learned over many countless nights of obsessive research over the years, that honey has a great history. Here are two of my favourites, that I have never forgotten:

  • Ancient Romans greeted their guests with honey as "a gift from the gods and the elixir of life".

  • England's Queen Anne used honey to pamper her magnificent hair - a secret that was so closely guarded that it was disclosed only after her death.
Well, there ain't no turning back now! My family is hooked on Soaps from the Hive.

Soaps from the Hive is located in the picturesque village of Hunter River, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Frank Novak, the owner, and his wife work very hard on their little honey bee farm, to bring us the purest most natural soaps possible. They offer 7 different varieties of pure honey soap. All soaps are made with 100% natural ingredients and lots of pure natural honey, of course.

His & Her Shaving - This is my favourite, as Frank expected it would be. My skin has never been so moisturized. I have an awful time keeping it moisturized. Since I started using this soap, I haven't reached for my skin moisturizer nearly as often as I was. I went from using it 3-4 times a day, down to using it just once.
His & Her Shaving consists of honey blended with Lavender and Tea Tree. This was originally designed for "Her" legs; however, "His" face loves it too.

Refreshing Morning Mint is the ultimate "wake up bar" and it's a real fun looking soap. I really love how Soaps From the Hive swirl the ingredients together, not to mention hand bevel each and every bar of soap. The honey in this soap is blended with peppermint, lavender, fir needle and eucalyptus. Imagine the smell of this! Yumm! 

This pretty Lavender & Oatmeal bar consists of honey, lavender and oatmeal. This can soothe irritated skin, ease a pounding headache,  release stress & tension, lull you to sleep after a bath or help heal a sunburn. Lavender, oatmeal and honey are, in my opinion, three of the most amazing natural ingredients for anything - whether it be soaps, shampoos, natural remedies.....they are truly gifts from Mother Earth.  My favourite experience with this soap is that, I cut off a piece and slipped it in my daughters pillow case to help her doze off to dreamland.  And, unlike any of the other lavender soaps I've used for this, the smell hasn't faded and it's been two weeks. Lavender is a natural sleep aid. The scent relaxes your body and calms you to sleep. Yay for that!

This Mojito soap is one of my all time favourites.  I could eat it! I love the smell and the colours.  It consists of honey blended with spearmint & lime. Use it as a facial and body soap on oily skin. It's known to soothe headaches and invigorate senses. 

Lemon Poppyseed is the mother of all exfoliating soaps I've ever used. You need to try this! The honey is blended with lemon and poppyseeds. This soap is also known to stimulate the immune system. 

The Spiced Garden is so pretty too. Don't ya think? This was my husband's favourite - because it looks masculine of course. It got my approval because of its ingredients of honey blended with clove bud, cinnamon leaf and sweet orange, which is an excellent antiseptic. This is the soap I placed in the soap dish in our bathroom, knowing everyone will use it to wash up. 

Unscented. Honey. Yup! Nothing in this soap but lots of Honey! Anyone that knows me, knows how I have become accustomed to unscented products. Unless it's a natural scent, I can't handle it at all. Perfumes and man made fragrances - well I can sniff them out a mile away. This is a must have for those who have are sensitive to scents.

Soaps from the Hive are $7/ bar. They offer wholesale pricing and free delivery on orders over $100. There is a lot of work that go into these soap bars, and I truly appreciate that all of the ingredients are 100% all natural.
As the old saying goes, "Honey is the dew distilled from the stars and rainbow", which makes these products, in my opinion, a gift from Mother Earth.

Visit Soaps from the Hive on-line, and while you are there, check out Frank's other passion - Above and Beeyond

(I received one or more Soaps from the Hive products to write my review. All opinions are my own and mine alone. I was in no way influenced by Soaps from the Hive in my review nor did I receive any monetary compensation. I only recommend products that are a good fit for my readers.)

How would you like a chance to win some of these amazing gifts from Mother Earth?

One winner will win the following: Two (2) Lavender Oatmeal Honey, One (1) Shaving, Tee Tree Honey and generous samples of each one of their other All Natural Honey Soaps along with a $25 gift certificate towards a future on-line purchase.

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Jennifer Barata Allen said...

I would most like to try the his & her shaving soaps

Jennifer Barata Allen said...

My favorite thing is that these are natural soaps.

Lisa Cox said...

I would love to try the His/Her Shaving Soap. Both my husband and I are very sensitive to regular soaps and shampoos.

Lisa Cox said...

I just love that all the soaps are natural, and use Honey! I like that you listed the different varieties and how well you liked them.

June M. said...

I'm not sure if I would like the His/Her Shaving Soap or the Lavender Oatmeal the best. They both sound really great.

June M. said...

I like that the soaps are all natural and that the giveaway allows you to try so many different products, and a GC to use in the future!

amyorvin said...

From Above and Beeyond, I like the
Lavender / Oatmeal soap

amyorvin said...

My favorite thing is trying this new soap. Never tried before.

Maegan Morin said...

I would love to try the Spiced Garden soap! I love spicy earthy smells. I bet its almost edible!

katja9_10 said...

I would like to try the Lemon Poppyseed.

Erica Lee said...

the His & Her Shaving!

Erica Lee said...

My favorite part about the giveaway and review are that they are 100% natural!

John and Cara said...

I would like to try His and Her shaving. Nice!

John and Cara said...

I like that this giveaway is so easy to enter and that the soaps offered are made from honey :o)

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