Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We're going now. Our flight to KL is at midnight! If you see us on the streets of KL or KK don't be shy......say hello.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is my day.

Made Christmas cards for my boys friends. This is for my big boy friends.

And this is for my lil boy friends.

After done with the printing, now i have to cut them one by one (T_T).

This is the envelope.

The cards.

Envelopes done.

Candy cane for the Christmas treat.

Of course some treat for the teachers too (*_*).

Tadaaa, done.

Jacob with his happy face.

This is for Isaiah's teacher and friends.

Drop Jacob to school and visit Isaiah at his school gym for they Christmas carol.


It's very small gym huh.

I see Jacob too.

That my boy with his Santa hat.

My princess been very good (*_*). No cry at all.

Enjoy the video.

Went home and manage to pack 1 suitcase (T_T). Sedih.... still 4 suitcase to go.

Went out for dinner.

Stop by at Costco to bought this video camera (it's on sale).

Very small and easy to carry.

Went home, and find out Isaiah been invited to birthday party for this Saturday.

Well, Isaiah cannot go but the present have to be send (*_*).

Still lot thing have to be done.

Oh don't forget this.

Well, that's my day, busy busy busy but still manage to blogging ha..ha..(^_*).

Monday, December 14, 2009


3 days until we're off to see the family in Malaysia. But, still lot' thing have to be done (T_T).

Pedicure - DONE.

Manicure - DONE.

My hair - DONE.

My new look (*_*).

New luggage - DONE.

Will update more (*_*). Wish me luck.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This year we aren't celebrating Christmas here because we are going home to celebrate Christmas in Malaysia yahoooo!!. Anyway, back to the story. Yes this year there is no Christmas tree or Christmas decorations. And my hubby and I agreed to not buy gifts for each other (except the flights to visit Malaysia), but in the end we still bought a gift for each other; not fancy, just simple.

This year, this is the only Christmas decoration we have. Sedih rite (T_T).

Gift from me. Sedihhh.

Gift from hubby. Wowww (*_*).

Another gift from hubby. I really need this so badly.

And this one.

Gift for the boys.

Of course daddy had to help (*_*).

Gift for my princess.

She love it (^_*).

Something to chew.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Nothing interesting to be post. Just want to share some funny/cute pictures of my princess.

Very thirsty huh.

This is cute (*_*).

Friday, December 11, 2009


Just want to share my herbs here before they get cover by snow (*_*).

My Rosemary.


My group of herbs.


More Rosemary.

This is not herb (*_*). They call hen and Chicks Cactus.

Did you see the fish?.

My aloe vera.

My boys with they toys.

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